Microsoft Announces The Outlook Social Connector

20 February 2010

Yet another social connector. Not sure if it will work, though. But sure as hell it will get patched.

Microsoft Outlook 2010. “The Outlook Social Connector is a set of new features to help keep track of your friends and colleagues while enabling you to grow your professional network. The Outlook Social Connector is available now as part of the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta.” Yeah, I’ve been trying to get my hands on the Beta, but it’s not available just yet.

The news on the Outlook blog stands between 2 patched issues. Hopefully they’ll fix them all by the end of the Beta.

Off topic now, the blog looks quite cool. And they’re using Flash Silverlight as animation platform.

What? Me Outlook?

Smashing News!

18 December 2009

Why smashing?

Because Smashing News is my latest web project. It is an RSS news aggregator finding posts and articles from the most used categories ranging from lifestyle to politics. You can also receive Smashing News updates via Twitter.

The project is doubled by a local sister site that does the same thing only in Romania. Hopefully, I’ll bring them up in the first quarter of 2010.

The former Phancee project is now, a community for men and women with over 6000 culinary recipes.

Oh, and my affiliate marketing projects started earning a bit during this winter.

I love the smell of profits in the morning!

2010 Checklist – Do You Have One?

27 November 2009


I’m sure you already started sketching a basic checklist for 2010. I’m talking about blogging, promoting and marketing your money-making web site. Without knowing what your checklists are, I know they should include doubling your content, socializing more, commenting more – and becoming a top commentator on at least 50 blogs -, and improving your branding.

The last point is as important as there is way too much Internet noise: spam sites, MFA sites (we all have one of those), landing page sites, scraped content sites and other low quality, free subdomain sites.

Growing your money-making web site becomes more and more important as the current web trend is buying and selling to the highest bidder. I have examples of local web sites sold for millions of US dollars. I also know international web sites sold for billions of US dollars. And a large amount of smaller web sites sold for tens of thousand of US dollars.

The big fish eats the little fish.

Let’s become little fish and sell ourselves expensive.

My checklist for 2010 is:

  • shut down a few unproductive sites and dedicate their time and resources to the ones with higher potential,
  • double and even triple the existing content,
  • socialize on more networks,
  • improve my branding,
  • promote services and products.

What’s your checklist for 2010? Let’s make a round-up of checklists.

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