While analyzing my TODO lists these days, I tried to gather my ideas into an article. I started my blog a while ago and I’ve already progressed more than I hoped. Well, in 2008, I’m thinking to triple my 2007 results. Let me write a short list with what I hope for:

  • Increase my Alexa ranking (this is priority);
  • Become more respected;
  • Interview more and more bloggers;
  • Return to my original blogging niche: web trends and behaviours;
  • Join some more bloggers’ groups;
  • More commenting?
  • More regular writing;
  • Update my web projects (here, here and here);

That would be some of the goals for the first 2008 semester, I would add here more money from blogging, and more documenting and TODO lists for the second half. The ultimate goal remains still turning my hobby blogging into a full-time activity.

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