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This is a step by step tutorial about optimizing a link directory site. I’m doing this for my one and only link directory which starts to grow old in a world of social media domination. First of all, a basic Google Analytics metrics shows a very high bounce rate. This is understandable as users arrive, [...]

Based on my latest reports, it seems that users type the web address or even the site name directly into the search engine. For example, typing youtube in Google will return a list of results. The first one is The first improvement you can bring a web site is a search function (obviously, if [...]

The Christmas holiday is coming fast, and then the New Year, and then comes a “dead” period. This is how we call it. No contracts, no clients, no work. This is the perfect time to work and add more content and value both to your blog and to your readers. You also have more time [...]

So you decided to create a lot of web sites to make money out of them. You are the administrator of almost 10 web sites (static, dynamic, CMS, whatever). You want more because you think more web sites will bring you more money. Actually, more web sites will bring you more trouble IF you don’t [...]

Back in April, Yahoo acquired IndexTools, a provider of analytics software based in Hungary. Today, that service has re-emerged as Yahoo Web Analytics, and is being offered as a limited beta to customers of Yahoo Small Business – the company’s suite of tools for helping small businesses market and sell products online. Additionally, the tool [...]

A while ago I did some interviews with some bloggers friends or online contacts. One of the questions was “Have you ever used any Black Hat technique?”. The questions was intended for those who wanted to make money with their blogs or web sites. None of them answered positively. The answers were “No”, “None” or [...]

Why have I removed my Archives page? It’s wasted space. A simple statistics or analytics tool would tell you that no one is really interested in picking a random month and read the articles. As most of the traffic is generated by search engines, the Archives are useful just to show off how long have [...]

1. Put stylesheets at the top This is a common practice, however there are some web sites which embed stylesheets, especially using the @import command somewhere else in the page. This is not good, as the page renders progressively, that is we want the browser to display whatever content it has as soon as possible. [...]

SEO or redesign? This questions troubled me for a while now. As the majority of my blogs are fully SEOed, either by SEO plugins, backlinks, valid sitemaps and more, I needed a change, a refresh. So I decided to change some things. The official Butterfly Media Romania web site features WordPress and has the same [...]

I’ve seen recently a show on Zone Reality about the OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder). One of its many manifestations that caught my attention was the “stuffing”. There are some people who use to gather things and keep them inside their homes, with no apparent use. No, I rephrase, they’re actually useless. Extending this manifestation, I could [...]

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