Where Am I Blogging From?

6 January 2010

Where are you blogging from? Some of us blog from home, some from work, and some carry a laptop and write articles from all around the world.

I live in a small (but proud) country in Europe, by the sea, and I use a notebook to blog. Click on the thumbnail to the left to see a bigger map.

The red country is Romania, and the sea by it is the Black Sea. That’s it, now you know. What about you?

Blog Action Day: Poverty

15 October 2008

This is both my personal tribute to Blog Action Day and to fight against poverty in Romania. During the last decades a great separation of the classes occured. It’s either the top or the bottom. I hope this initiative will raise some eyebrows and start some action.

Metallica In Romania

24 July 2008

Well, the guys from Metallica just left Romania after a great concert. After the first coming in 1999, yesterday was the second coming.

This concert is part of the Death Magnetic promotion tour. Death Magnetic is their latest album scheduled to be released in September, this year.

With no further ado, I’ll give you some pictures, courtesy of metalhead.ro.