PHP Programming

28 February 2010

I’ve been working a lot these days to complete several big projects, and a handful of smaller ones. They’re all related to PHP and optimization. I’ve been thinking of a switch-based PHP preloading technique, which I’m trying to implement in a couple of projects.

What I’m trying to do exactly is update my CMSs and make a general purpose one, with modules, plug-ins and as many options as possible exposed to users. Let’s pretend I have a job CMS, let’s say (em)phasis JMS, which is about to get updated pretty soon. While it needs to have all the required options, it should be simple to manage (via source code) and easy to load. All those nice features should be able to load only if requested by user.

The switch-based PHP preloading technique is itself a framework to be placed inside any CMS. I might go as far as providing hooks like those from WordPress and be able to plug them into any kind of framework.

This is currently in a planning stage, with mockups and sketches. I hope they’ll move from the planning board to a sandbox CMS soon.

Photo by Scorpions and Centaurs

Switch It Off!

12 February 2009


Did you know that computer monitors, TV sets, and other electronic equipment that allows stand-by functioning still consume 45% out of the energy they would normally consume when switched on?

This is a fact, and I know it for a while, but today I decided to test it at home. So, I guess I’ll let you know the real life result next month.

Javascript Switch Menu

3 January 2009

Here is a very simple Javascript switch menu based on Javascript and CSS. Does not use ul/li structure and is very easy to configure and style on parent/child basis, using CSS.


Download/View Switch Menu

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