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    Butterfly Query Admin (BQA) is a drop-in, plug-and-play, paste-and-use alternative for phpMyAdmin, faster, lighter and skinnable. It is a database management tool with all required options, without the bulkiness and hassle of other tools.

    The script has a light graphical user interface, easy to navigate and fast to load. It also uses a deprecated function, mysql_list_tables(), just for compatibility with older PHP installations.

    Butterfly Query Admin

    How to use

    1. Upload to your root folder, or to your admin folder.
    2. Navigate to the BQA folder, usually ‘bqa’.
    3. Login with your MySL credentials.
    4. Start using it!

    How to install

    This script does not use database tables. It only reads the existing databases in your MySQL installation.

    This script is entirely written in PHP. It does not need a MySQL database, and can be dropped in without prior installation. You can use this script on any PHP-enabled server, by simply placing the bqa or butterfly-query-admin directory inside your server root or admin folder.

    If you want to change the colours, fonts, or other styles, Butterfly Query Admin comes with skinning features. Inside themes directory, there is a default folder. Use this theme as a base for your desired theme or browse our themes catalogue.

    In order to create a new theme, just duplicate the default folder, change the XML variables, and apply your own styles.


    Find a Butterfly Query Admin demo here: link (credentials are hardcoded)


    Download the Butterfly Query Admin here: link

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