Smart Backup with Scheduler

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    Smart Backup is a complete WordPress solution for database backup and restore operations. You can create backups of your complete WordPress installation, files only, or database only. Backups can be restored with one click.

    Options for the scheduler include timeouts (for tight PHP servers), backup types (files, .sql, complete) and notification emails for backup success or failure.

    The backup manager allows for easy restoring by type, date or ZIP archive.

    Smart Backup with Scheduler Smart Backup with Scheduler Smart Backup with Scheduler Smart Backup with Scheduler

    Complete list of features:

    • No bloated features and unnecessary code.
    • Fast, AJAX -driven options (no page reload).
    • PHP4 compatibility for older servers.
    • WordPress 2.8+ compatibility for older versions (though not recommended).
    • Enhanced .htaccess protection for backups directory.
    • No external PEAR libraries for ZIP archive generation.
    • No unnecessary server/MySQL load when backing up or restoring.
    • Uses simple JSON .
    • Works on Windows servers (though not recommended).
    • Overrides PHP script timeout, helpful for large WordPress installations.
    • Advanced memory usage messages and server response errors for easy bug reporting and debugging (for advanced users only).
    • Cleans up all options upon deactivation. No garbage left.
    • Multilanguage.
    • No ads.

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