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The revenge of the Rainbow buttons brings a missing one, and 2 more color schemes: blue and purple. The “Order” button is here, the buttons have been repackaged. The “Subscribe” button is not an option, as the word is too long. I’ve had several other buttons I had to quit as the words were longer than my button. You’ll just have to use something else, like “Join“.

Rainbow Collection Buttons – Green [Updated]

Rainbow Collection Buttons – Blue

Rainbow Collection Buttons – Purple

12 Responses to More Buttons

  • :-(

    Join and Subscribe have different meanings.

    You can join my team or my party but you cannot subscribe to my team or my party.

    You can subscribe to my newsletter, but you cannot join it.

  • I know what you mean, but I cannot fit “Subscribe” on my button. Should’ve thought before starting it.

    Anyway, I have a new button series in development, and I’ll add “Subscribe” to that. Until then, stay tuned.

  • I knew that you cannot fit Subscribe in the button and I didn’t comment this missing item. You know why? Because is not missing anything. A free package is always complete, you take it or leave it ;-)

    I was just commenting the suggestion from the last part of your post :-)

  • It should use whatever encoding you’ve chosen for your comments. If it isn’t working correctly, post a message in the forum and I’ll look into it.

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  • Would it not be possible to publish the PSD of the buttons?, At least under a Creative Commons License or something like that. I loved your buttons, but I have a site in spanish, and unfortunately I can not use well.

  • Hey, already published the PSD, see if you can use this,

    Thanks, and let me know if it’s useful.

  • Thank you, I tried to find the PSD in the other posts, but could not find it. I served much, thanks and regards.

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  • Thanks you were really useful and I love the buttons.


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