New WordPress Plugins Released!

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I was busy this week and I launched 2 new plugins for WordPress!

WordPress Plugins

The first one is SEO Love, a simple click-to-search page add-on:

The plugin allows the author/user to search for the post title on the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. The purpose of this search is to check the competition for any given title, or to check the indexation for any given post.

It can be implemented on a page or a post either by using a shortcode or a PHP function.

The second one is Sticky Slider, a simple slider for sticky posts. Really easy to implement, valid and 3.x compatible:

WordPress provides a way to mark certain posts as featured or sticky posts. Sticky posts will appear before other posts when listing them in index.php. This plugin creates a slider from sticky posts.

In order to add a post to the slider, just mark it as sticky. Edit its Visibility in the Publish block while in the post writing page and check “Stick this post to the front page“.

If you use the plugins and find them useful, rate them on WordPress plugin repository. It means a lot.

What else is new?

Portable phpMyAdmin is constantly being improved and the Finance Calculator really helps some people.

8 Responses to New WordPress Plugins Released!

  • HI!

    I have just instal your plugin named Sticky Slider, and I do everything right ( I guess so ) and it don’t work for me..

    I set the settings on default, and mark 3 posts like sticky posts, and nothing has happent.

    Do I need to do something more? If I must, please reply because I really need post slider and your plugin for that should be awesome for me.


  • Where is the demo for the slider?

    • Demo is live on the front page!

  • @Goran: your problem has been solved, thanks for using my plugin.

    @Jon: I’ll install it here, just not today. Check back tomorrow!

  • Hi!

    Is is possible to add a pagination on the slider?

    also i have a strange problem: right now i have it installed, but it won’t work without this:

    $sticky_slides . ’1′,
    ‘category__in’ => array(8),
    ‘caller_get_posts’ => 1,
    ‘order’ => ASC,
    ‘paged’ => $page,
    while($slider_loop->have_posts()) : $slider_loop->the_post();


    i added the paged for testing only. have any idea about this problem?

    thanks and also thanks for the plugin :)

    • ok, it’s not showing all code…

    • Pagination is on the TODO list for this week. Use my ugly contact form here – – and send the entire code.

    • Pagination is done! Along with several small updates. Check version 1.1 now!


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