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New Addition to adButterfly Network

New Addition to adButterfly Network

First of all, what is adButterfly Network? adButterfly Network is a (wannabe) closed advertisement network, showcasing client ads on all member sites. Latest addition to this network is a Romanian site about traditional treatments, cures and dealing with diseases. Based on the new WordPress 3.0 and with enhanced community features, like a forum plugin, advanced [...]

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Does Google Resemble Microsoft In Behaviour?

I was reading an article on InfoWorld about Google and Microsoft. The deal to let Google sell its ads on Yahoo’s Web site, and share an estimated $800 million a year in revenue, is bad for business, bad for consumers, and bad for IT. It will raise Web advertising rates by more than 20 percent. [...]

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Google Acquires Russian Advertising Company

Google said Friday it will pay $140 million for a Russian contextual advertising company as it seeks to expand its services to advertisers and Web-site publishers outside the U.S. The 6-year-old company, Zao Begun but known as Begun, has a search and contextual advertising business, with about 40,000 advertisers and a network of 143,000 Russian-language [...]

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Link Of The Day: Ads

Link Of The Day: Ads

So, you like intelligent ads? So do I, so here’s the link of the day. Hell, the link of the week. Ads, posters, graphic marketing, just about everything.

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The Struggle For Cash

Small(er) blogs tend to do interesting things to gain visitors (and fame). While these days I kept my eyes on some small blogs’ strategies, one of them caught my attention. It’s about a contest where you gain: Nothing. In fact, I am giving away 10 nothings. The grand prize winner will get two nothings plus [...]

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Free Advertising

Well, as I was writing a while ago, I am again opened for advertisement. Do you have a small blog? Just starting to blog? Do you want to promote your blog? Write an article for us and we will publish it and link it to your blog. Try it now! Go see what I write [...]

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MSN Puts Ads On Mobile Phones

Infoworld announces that MSN is going to put advertisement on mobile phones. Microsoft trails its biggest competitors in the PC-based online advertising market in bringing ads to mobile users, but its late start may not have any significant effect. “AOL and Yahoo have previously introduced display ads, but the mobile user base is still on [...]

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Link Of the Day

Today’s links are about AdSense: Pros and Cons. Take a while, read them and make your decision. I use AdSense and it is making money for me. Why You SHOULD use AdSense on Your Blog Why AdSense Might NOT be Best for Your Blog

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Passive Income

Long time no write around here. I’ve been busy with some real life problems, and by blog was left alone. No problem here, I’ve had my share of passive income. The concept of passive income is broadely sought after by many bloggers who don’t have the time or the inspiration to write as regular as [...]

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Are You On The Hype?

Do you worry that your copy might be too “hypey”? Hype is defined as “an ingenious or questionable claim, method, etc., used in advertising, promotion, or publicity to intensify the effect”. One of the additional definitions is “a swindle, deception, or trick”. I rather think the second one is what we have in mind when [...]

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