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I now give you Whiskey Air, a simple, imageless theme, compatible with the latest WordPress version (3.1 as of writing this article).

Simple dotted grey lines, justified paragraphs, easy-for-the-eye headings and titles, and more.

Download: Whiskey Air (36)

What’s new in version 0.9.2?

  • Updated footer with 3.x compatibility
  • Updated footer with current version
  • Updated several PHP functions
  • Added a /docs/ folder
  • Added GPL license
  • Added a changelog
  • Added several missing WordPress variables
  • Added compatible comment form
  • Added ‘commentlist’ class to comments list
  • Added small UI improvements
  • Added automatically generated TinyURL.com share links to frontpage posts
  • Added tags to frontpage posts
  • Changed author link in footer
  • Removed an unused variable
  • Removed bullets from comments list

More Whiskey Air resources:

Whiskey Air Dark New Index Template (obsolete)

Do you have a blog powered by Whiskey Air? Share it here and I’ll share some link love.

6 Responses to Whiskey Air Theme

  • I will check it out soon.

  • Looks like a great theme. i will try it out on one of my blogs.

  • Worth a look. will try this to one of my blogs. Though a screenshot can help, maybe.

  • I found this theme when I was looking for a template for my whisky website :) I won’t use it for whisky site but it will be great for some other projects. Thanks.

  • Thanks Mark!

  • Well, this blog is built on Whiskey Air.


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