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Boost Your Business Branding With A Slogan – Get Important Info

Any form of business branding plan must involve the creation of a slogan. It is one of the basic elements necessary in building an effective brand campaign. A slogan typically consists of a short sentence or a phrase that serve to reinforce the business name or logo. In fact, many big time businesses has created [...]

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Does Google Resemble Microsoft In Behaviour?

I was reading an article on InfoWorld about Google and Microsoft. The deal to let Google sell its ads on Yahoo’s Web site, and share an estimated $800 million a year in revenue, is bad for business, bad for consumers, and bad for IT. It will raise Web advertising rates by more than 20 percent. [...]

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Google Acquires Russian Advertising Company

Google said Friday it will pay $140 million for a Russian contextual advertising company as it seeks to expand its services to advertisers and Web-site publishers outside the U.S. The 6-year-old company, Zao Begun but known as Begun, has a search and contextual advertising business, with about 40,000 advertisers and a network of 143,000 Russian-language [...]

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Google/Yahoo Agreement For Ad Technology

Today, we announced a non-exclusive advertising agreement that will provide Yahoo! with access to our AdSense for search and AdSense for content advertising programs on their U.S. and Canadian web properties. In addition, we will work to enable interoperability between our respective instant messaging services allowing users better, broader communication online. We are proud of [...]

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Branding Guidelines Checklist

Professionals know that a brand reaches its audience through many channels, and consistency of expression plays a major role in its effectiveness. From brochures and web sites to annual reports and magazines, comprehensive guidelines ensure seamless brand communications. Here are examples of the identity building blocks and applications guidelines of a typical program.

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The 22 Immutable Laws Of Branding

1. Expansion The power of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope 2. Contraction A brand becomes stronger when you narrow its focus 3. Publicity The birth of a brand is achieved with publicity, not advertising 4. Advertising Once born, a brand needs advertising to stay healthy 5. The Word A brand should strive [...]

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Advertising Project

Stay tuned for I am brewing something. It’s a web project, an advertising media project for Romanian web sites. More details soon, all I can say now is that ClubCafe will house it. The project will be named ClubCafe Advertising.

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9 Methods For Real Life Blog Promotion

How are you promoting your blog in real life? Or offsite? Collateral materials – done this, flyers and business cards, some posters, and some stickers. Front door of your business location – no, not yet, still running my business from a notebook. Voicemail messages – no, this neither, but I have used instant messaging to [...]

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