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Corporate Identity – Viewpoints – Part III

Types of corporate identity: The identity of most companies can be divided into three general categories: corporate, endorsed or branded. These categories are not mutually exclusive, and none is necessarily superior to any of the others. Each is appropriate in specific circumstances. Corporate: This is where the organisation uses one name and one visual system [...]

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Corporate Identity – Viewpoints – Part II

Identity can project four ideas: Who you are What you do How you do it Where you want to go. The four vectors: Identity manifests itself primarily through three main vectors which you can see: Products and services – what you make or sell – like BMW Environments – where you make or sell it [...]

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Corporate Identity – Viewpoints – Part I

Executive summary: Corporate identity makes the organisation’s strategy, structure and vision visible. Every organisation has a unique identity. A corporate identity programme enables that identity to be managed and projected to all of its audiences. In order to develop an effective identity programme, the builders of an organisation must have a clear idea about what [...]

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Branding Guidelines Checklist

Professionals know that a brand reaches its audience through many channels, and consistency of expression plays a major role in its effectiveness. From brochures and web sites to annual reports and magazines, comprehensive guidelines ensure seamless brand communications. Here are examples of the identity building blocks and applications guidelines of a typical program.

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The 22 Immutable Laws Of Branding

1. Expansion The power of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope 2. Contraction A brand becomes stronger when you narrow its focus 3. Publicity The birth of a brand is achieved with publicity, not advertising 4. Advertising Once born, a brand needs advertising to stay healthy 5. The Word A brand should strive [...]

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Butterfly Branding

Butterfly Branding

As I promised in my corporate identity series, more exactly my Corporate Identity Ramblings, Corporate Identity On The Web, Corporate Identity Guidelines For Me, More Branding Research, and Corporate Identity For The Web articles, here is the final result of the Butterfly Media Romania logo changing. See the final general guidelines for branding and corporate [...]

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Corporate Identity For The Web

Corporate Identity For The Web To begin with, it is important to know that the corporate identity, just as individuals’ personality, is the image with which your company can be identified. A company’s corporate identity is the group of attributes and values a company has: its “personality”, its reason of being, its spirit and soul. [...]

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Experience Level Acquired

Welcome back, or just welcome for those who reached this page for the first time. For you, I have RSS subscription options, RSS reader or email. Good. I am waiting for my first payment from Google. It will arrive around February 5th. I’ll let you know the amount and maybe a picture with the check. [...]

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