The Web Is Oversaturated With Blog Networks

December 5th, 2009 | Author: Chip

The web is full of blog networks and they all go on the same pattern. Join the network, add a widget (not a small banner or a text link) to your blog and it’s done. But the widget is either JavaScript, either AJAX, or worse, Flash. Referral link behind the code, slow loading, slow page scrolling, are just a few of the disadvantages. They just don’t get you real visitors, or better CTRs, or returning visitors. Just one-timers not worth bothering your blog with. That is the widget. You get my meaning.

I am (still) registered with BlogRush. But it’s a shame what happened lately to it. The careless start made them regret later.

I am also registered with BlogCatalog, a nice directory with discussions and groups. But 75% it’s all crap. They are turning it into a “shameless blog promotion”, or teen discussions trying to get some backlinks (did I mention that BlogCatalog has “nofollow” enforced?). Hey, watch out for Google is on the move.

It could be a great idea wrongly put in practice. Damn wrong.

Other blog networks include BlogFlux (with a free template), MyBlogLog, and more, not worth mentioning here.

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