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EDIT: plugin usage statistics shows the following chart:

All users are strongly encouraged to update to the latest version (1.2.7 at the moment of writing this post). The code is cleaner, there is more information regarding MySQL and the phpMyAdmin codebase gets cleaned up and updated for speed, performance and HTML validity. Running inside an IFRAME inside WordPress, it requires speed and complete integration with the parent platform.

The release frequency has stabilized and updates will come monthly with a faster and cleaner phpMyAdmin codebase.

Please post any bugs on our support forums.

Original post:

I’ve been working with several offshore clients, and SQL database access was a bit restricted. They were, of course, using WordPress and the only solution was a database plugin.

It’s been 2 years and more than 8,000 downloads of my database management plugin, Portable phpMyAdmin. After several bugs and errors introduced last year, I managed to get it on the right track. The plugin uses a light version of phpMyAdmin, 2.x, in order not to deal with the bloatedness and AJAXification of the 3.x branch.

Aside from dealing with direct database operations, the plugin reveals some useful information about the database, its size, and many other MySQL values and variables.

There are many one file/one page/light alternatives to phpMyAdmin, but everyone uses phpMyAdmin so the decision is simple. I’ll keep maintaining the plugin and improve in any possible way.

What’s next for Portable phpMyAdmin? A complete overhaul of the default theme, and simplification of the database management.

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  • wow great plugin. Thnak you very much.


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