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Link Of The Week: C Programming

Link Of The Week: C Programming

I’ve been playing lately with the C programming language, as I’m building some modifications to a game engine (it’s a private project, yet). helped me finding some solutions to some common problems (I’m a beginner). Maybe it’ll help you, too.

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Good News, Bad News, Changes

I was watching yesterday evening the first day of Obama’s presidency. There are some big changes ahead, I can feel it. And they’d better be good changes. I decided to take Google’s example and shut down some of my small ongoing projects. And I’m talking about some web sites that I did not have the [...]

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The Web Is Oversaturated With Blog Networks

The web is full of blog networks and they all go on the same pattern. Join the network, add a widget (not a small banner or a text link) to your blog and it’s done. But the widget is either JavaScript, either AJAX, or worse, Flash. Referral link behind the code, slow loading, slow page [...]

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WordPress 2.7 Compatible Themes

I have updated 3 of my current themes to work with WordPress 2.7 at full potential. This includes threaded comments, pagination and sticky features. The updated themes are: Whiskey Air [download 2.7 compatible only] Whiskey Earth [download 2.7 compatible only] Light Constellations [download 2.7 compatible only] Visit my themes repository for older versions.

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2008 Retrospective

Butterfly Media Romania had a profitable year 2008. The blog received more visits and I released more scripts and themes. This will continue in 2009 ten fold. But, for now, let’s see a quick retrospective of 2008 in terms of best articles.

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Design Creativity (Inspire)

I just ran into a great piece of graphic inspirational content. The article says: “In this post we’d like to present you an ultimate breakthrough for your creativity blocks; over the last weeks we’ve been searching for the most popular graphic designers, illustrators and artists around the world. We’ve selected some of their works to [...]

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History Of The Dollar

The dollar is the official name for the United States currency, the closest approximation to a world currency, and is also the name for numerous other national currencies. The term dollar is apparently a variation of the term thaler, a common term for coins in Germany and Eastern Europe that may have been derived from [...]

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WordPress 2.7 Theme Compatibility

In order to use WordPress 2.7 at its best, a couple of theme modifications are required. They include threaded comments, pagination, and sticky post features (as of WordPress 2.7 Beta 3). It took me about an hour to discover everything and unlock the full potential of version 2.7. First of all, let’s start with the [...]

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300 Resources For Your WordPress Blog

300 Resources For Your WordPress Blog

As one of the leading open source blogging platforms, WordPress has inspired hundreds (if not thousands) of plugins and tools to customize your blog. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of more than 300 of our favorites. This information is compiled from previous Mashable articles.

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Are You Backing Up Your Blog?

Are You Backing Up Your Blog?

What WordPress plugin are you using for backup? I’ve been reading some articles on server failures and fires lately and, although I’m manually backing up my blog every month, I’m thinking of using a WordPress plugin to do this automatically. I have about 10 WordPress-powered blogs and I really want to have a backup solution. [...]

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