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From a rushed release to a refined plugin!

Get Jobbin now and turn your WordPress installation into a real job board.

The new 0.2.2 version brings an application form and many UI tweaks for better usage and general accessibility.

Two years ago, I needed a job plugin, and there was only one free plugin for WordPress. I did the job then, with some amount of changes and tweaks. A year later, WordPress updates messed up some plugin functions. I needed my own plugin, less bulky and more tweakable.

Jobbin was born as a free plugin, although broken. I used it with many theme hooks and changes. The plugin, as standalone, was useless without the theme.

Things changed, WordPress updates brought more flexibility, and I decided to go mainstream with the plugin. The amount of work and time needed for the plugin changes justified the low price of the plugin.

The plugin gets updated every 2 or 3 weeks, and support involvement grows steadily.

Why don’t you give it a try? The plugin is live on the jobs page.

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