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X5 is the successor of X4.1 and has some small improvements over it. Sidebar bug, WordPress 3.x compatibility, updated PHP functions and more. Best of all, the theme is now GPL 3 compatible.

Download: X5 Turbo (33)

X4.1 was the second theme of my blog and with the 2009 change, I decided to release it to the public. I did some changes, fixed some styles, changed the header image and here it is. It is fully compatible with WordPress 2.7 (no backward compatibility, upgrade already!). This version is dubbed X4.1 Turbo and it’s free to use and modify.


Also there are built-in styles for all web fonts. Just use Georgia font class and your text will be written with the Georgia font.

<span class="georgia">Georgia font style</span>

14 Responses to WordPress Theme – X5 Turbo

  • wow, looks great! i really need to get back into graphics and designing.

  • I see you have done a lot of changes. Can’t recognize the original theme. :)
    Is it easy to rewrite the structure? Of the three columns to make two? (like you did as I can see)
    I always thought that it’s better to choose a basic theme with a structure that you need , and then make only graphic changes…

  • It is not that easy to rewrite the structure. It has some graphics that fit well with the 3 column scheme.

    Indeed, it is easier to choose a basic theme, but you should choose 2 column or 3 column first. I have some 2 column themes if you want one, and they are pretty simple. Are you familiar with Whiskey Air and Whiskey Earth themes?

    If not, you should check them out.

  • OK. I’ll check necessarily.
    Thanks a lot. :)

  • let me try the wp theme.
    actually i don’t like left sidebar.
    but it doesn’t matter.

  • Clear and organized. I have to launch a new site to earn a little bit of money and this template is perfect for it.
    Thank you,

  • Lovely theme. I was looking for something like this. I am going to test it in one of my blogs.


  • Looks very good. The radio buttons are nice too.

  • Thats a really nice and clean theme. And its good that the name of the blog isnt stuck in the header image like some blog themes. I have a new blog that this will do very nicely for. I’ll be sure to send a link back :)

  • Very clean and elegant theme. It’s really good that you are sharing it with the pubic! :)

  • This theme is tight. Thanks for making it freely available to everyone!

  • I have been looking for a nice clean theme like this one, I am going to try it. Thanks for the nice theme, great job!

  • Wow, great theme, cool design! ))
    I like the header verty much – such an ispiring view! :) )

    I might download and install it. Thanks!


  • Yeah, I hate those too. I like simple text.


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