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As the new Bidvertiser referral and RSS program is now live, I would like to show you some more RSS feed distribution networks to submit your feed.

But be careful! If you do add all these networks to your WordPress pinging service, you risk to get banned. I, for one, use the MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer, and the feed networks I use, get pinged only once, so I do not spam them with my feed repeatedly.

  1. FeedFury
  2. FeedBomb
  3. Plazoo
  4. RSS Micro
  5. 2RSS
  6. FeedsFarm
  7. RSS Feeds
  8. Feeds4all
  9. Postami
  10. Feedest
  11. MySpace RSS
  12. DaytimeNews
  13. RSS Feeds Submission
  14. MillionRSS
  15. Yahoo RSS
  16. More News
  17. Find RSS
  18. Feed Base
  19. RSS Motron
  20. Octora
  21. Blog Digger
  22. Feed 24
  23. Feed Boy
  24. Chordata
  25. Golden Feed
  26. Read A Blog
  27. Newgie
  28. RSS Network
  29. Ice Rocket
  30. Blog Pulse
  31. Feeds2Read
  32. Feed Shark
  33. Feed Plex
  34. Blog Burst

3 Responses to 34 Feed Distribution Sites For Optimized Services

  • Does anyone know how to remove a feed from Feedfury that was added without the permission of the copyright owner?

    Dennis McDonald

  • how do i remove feed from feefury. I need content to be removed from feedfury urgently

  • RSS feeds are PUBLIC. If you don’t want your content READ don’t publish it. If you care that much about an INDIVIDUAL site aggregating your feed, program your RSS server to deny it fetching your PUBLIC URL.


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