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Well, there’s not much to say, except I had FeedBurner installed as a plug-in for WordPress, but took it down because of some “bad” reviews. Anyway, I ran into this FeedBurner guide written by Teli Adlam, I read it and now I’m into a decision-making phase

If you’re interested, here’s the eBook”

FeedBurner Guide [pdf]

2 Responses to Giveaway: Free FeedBurner eBook

  • What problem did you have with Feedburner or the plug-in? I use Feedburner with the plug-in and it seems pretty good for me.

  • I had no problem myself. Just read a couple of bad reviews, I don’t remember where, somewhere on a blog (I searched now on Google and couldn’t fint anything). I am new to WordPress AND blogging and I believed them.

    But last night I decided: I’ll return to FeedBurner.


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