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I’m doing this for years and I know it by heart. You need Apache, PHP, MySQL and maybe some more tools and libraries if you plan to do big things. You might need GD library, mod_rewrite, Perl and some more stuff.

Go ahead and download Server2GO, a mature software package containing everything you need for running both a PHP page containing <?php echo “Hello, World”;?> and a WordPress installation with hundreds of plugins.

Extract it somewhere on your hard drive, I’d recommend the root because it will save you a long path in some config scripts. Customize the config.ini file and you’re ready to go.

Just follow the instructions inside and you’ll be running your first PHP/MySQL script in no time!

9 Responses to How To Test PHP/MySQL Offline

  • Wow, this could make my life much easier. I always lose so much time because of this. It really sometimes get on my nerves.

  • Do you think this is better than the WAMP package? I’ve used it a few times and its clean, sets up nicely on a windows environment with no trouble.

  • I don’t remember if I used WAMP or XAMPP but one of them had too many features. I’ve used Server2GO since the very beginning of my database programmer’s life and it works out of the box and I’m very happy with it.

    So, why change it? ;)

  • It is very beneficial for me because right now I am also going to learn PHP so it will be quite fruitful for me. Thanks for providing this to us.

  • hey thanks dear for such a nice post. it will help to those who are using php, apache, and mysql. and me too it will help a lot. it is very nice thing to check out your code offline. i liked this.

  • It is beneficial to install the server2go at one step. For the learners it is very much beneficial to visit it when we are offline. thanks for such a useful information.

  • I have been using Xampp Lite for the development of my site. These offline servers are a great tool for the development and theme building for WordPress.

  • since many time looking for same offline like WAMP package, your post been great and very effective help to me , downloaded Server2GO seems quite helpful and interesting to work with it.

  • Wow, this could make software applications much easier.This is much better than the WAMP package like used in PHP? It is very beneficial one.Nice post.


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