While looking at my current theme bugs (Whiskey Air), I decided to take the next step and turn it into a full HTML 5 template.

So, after reading a bit of HTML 5 literature, I started changing the theme, bit by bit. I will release it free after doing all changes. I might even to add it to WordPress themes repository.

  • So, the upcoming tasks should be:
  • Use a framework -  I found 52Framework and I must check it out.
  • Use strict standards.
  • Completely drop IE6 support – If you don’t agree with me on this, the following code should take care of your needs:
#someElement {
 background: red; /* modern browsers */
 *background: green; /* IE 7 and below */
 _background: yellow; /* IE6 exclusively */
  • Make the theme compatible with 2.9 – 3.x only – No backwards compatibility for comments and widgets.
  • Add custom functions and widgets.
  • Add documentation.
  • Release.

Image source: SEOGadget.co.uk

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