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Day after day I see more advice and information on how to blog successfully. This information belongs to names such as Darren Rowse, John Chow, Dosh Dosh (these are just a small part of what I read daily) and more. I wonder what would happen if all the bloggers in the world would take this advice and improve and optimize and promote their blogs.

Much of some bloggers success is based on other bloggers’ ignorance. And I’m not criticizing anyone. Let’s say my niche is fruits, and I write about oranges and apples and cherries. My blog is optimized, constantly promoted, keyword-rich and socially networked. In this fruity niche there are other 5 blogs, but 2 of them aren’t optimized properly, don’t get promoted the way they should and have a bad design. So, in my niche I have only 3 real competitors. If blogging is a competition, shouldn’t all the competitors observe more the blogging trends, and be in touch with their competitors’ actions? Am I right when I say they are ignorant?

Read more about SEO and promotion and design and become a leader in your niche. Only like this will the authors compelled to write better and better articles. Listen to advice, test and implement information from these sources into your own blogs.

Let’s see some great resources for blogging:

This is just a small list which I’ve taken from my new Netvibes account.

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