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2 years ago I released a buttons collection into the wild. It was called the Rainbow Collection. The feedback was quite positive and I had to release a new pack with missing buttons and colours. It was the revenge of the Rainbow buttons. A month later more buttons came along and requests started pouring. The [...]

For those of you who did not find out yet, Twitter released a new button feature, similar to what TweetMeme tried to implement, and to Digg style buttons. The new button, which can be seen and tested at the end of this post, has a slicker appearance and shows the total number of tweets. The [...]

I found some old buttons lying around my notebook. They look pretty sweet, so I’ll give them to you. Download full sets here: Months Zodiac-pack-1 Zodiac-pack-2

The revenge of the Rainbow buttons brings a missing one, and 2 more color schemes: blue and purple. The “Order” button is here, the buttons have been repackaged. The “Subscribe” button is not an option, as the word is too long. I’ve had several other buttons I had to quit as the words were longer [...]

The Rainbow Buttons are back! I realized that in the previous article, I gave away a Photoshop project file. Those who don’t know how to use Photoshop can’t use the file. So I decided to release 71 buttons with the most used options for applications, controls, menu bars, navigation systems, blogs, forums, and more. Here [...]

I was working on some interface design these days and I came up with some nice buttons. I thought I’d share it with you. The project below is a Photoshop file. The colours are easily changeable using the Hue function. Download Rainbow Collection Buttons [.ZIP]