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New Plugin on CodeCanyon!

Finally, a new plugin is now live on CodeCanyon! The Fixtures and Results plugin, a sports results, matches and formation plugin, with updatable players database and flexible widgets. This WordPress plugin stores competitions, matches, formations and players in a database for easy archiving and display of both retroactive and upcoming fixtures. The plugin is set [...]

I now appear in sponsored results. Here’s the proof: Try a search on for ‘web trends’, ‘marketing’ or ‘SEO’. You will see that the sponsored results show my blog. Let’s see now how many people use, or WILL use, the Atnio search engine.

It seems that MSN Search is doing more and more changes. Two weeks ago, MSN announced that they introduced a new Live Search “relevant, faster and easier to use”. They offered us a press release and a fact sheet containing all changes made. A few days ago, MSN announced again new and improved product results [...]