Alex Shalman had a nice initiative back in February. Now he started a group writing project to which I have participated. Noticthe badge in the sidebar. If I’m happy, why not show it?

1. How do you define happiness?
2. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your happiness now, versus when you were a child?
3. What do you do on a daily basis that brings you happiness? (and how consistent is the feeling of happiness throughout your day)
4. What things take away from your happiness? What can be done to lessen their impact or remove them from your life?
5. What do you plan on doing in the future that will bring you even more happiness?

1. Happiness is a state of mind when you fill fulfilled, warm, taken care of and having the certainty of love and financial security.
2. I would rate it at 8.
3. I see my girlfriend, I blog, I do programming, I work out of passion, I earn money.
4. Two-faced people and liers. I am an easy taker of these things and I just press the ‘Ignore’ button. It’s easier like this.
5. More work. Just work. It will bring me more money. Other than that, I have everything I want.

10 Responses to The Happiness Project

  • 1. Happiness is the byproduct of making someone else happy.
    2. 10.
    3. Just the ordinary things, make tea, take a bath, solve crossword puzzles, surf the net, blog etc.
    4. Physical discomfort like disease, ache etc.
    5. Seek more opportunity to make some one else happy.

  • Thanks for your opinion on happiness.

  • Hey Chip,

    Thanks for your awesome contribution to the Happiness Project. Just wanted to put out an invitation to all your readers to participate as well ;)

  • Chip,

    I am happy because you entered my newest contest to win stumbles!

    Sorry for the shameless plug!

    1. I too seem at my happiness when I am making someone else happy.

    2. My childhood was happy, but I think I have experienced greater happiness as an adult. I rate the difference a 9.

    3. I love up my family. Spending time with my wife, my son and his dog bring me joy.

    4. Health issues and finacial burdens (I live in Michigan and work in the auto industry! Yikes!) effect my happiness.

    5. Persevere! Learn new things and do new things!

    Thanks Chip!

  • 1. Hapiness is a feeling that is hard to describe, everyone feels hapiness in different ways and it is often hard to express. For me hapiness is the feeling of being loved, cared for, and making someone else also feel happy.
    2. 8 – I think when you are a child hapiness comes from far smaller aspects of life, e.g. eating a chocolate bar, playing outside for longer. I think as an adult you start to cherish the things that make you happy far more.
    3. Waking up between 10-11am makes me feel alot better! Seeing my boyfriend, helping others, socialising, speaking to my family. I find myself to be a very happy person and don’t let things get to me too much.
    4. Small things if I am in not such a good mood often lessen my hapiness, usually when things drop on the floor etc!
    5. Helping others, providing for and having a family, living a life where others around me are also happy.

  • Thatnks, chip. You have motivated me to join.

  • Happiness for me is earning enough so that I can look after my family, while not working so hard that I don’t get to see them.

  • For me happiness is working through passion as opposed to necessity – feeding my hobbies and interests and family. A lifestyle that allows me to be there with my kids as they grow up, rather than stuck in an office for most of the day.

  • 1) Happiness to me is doing what I want, when I want to do it
    2) I was brought up in a dysfunctional family so I’m happier, as an adult, away from the parents
    3) Meditation, exercise, and trying to learn something new
    4) Corporate politics and needing to compromise, a lot, just to earn a living.
    5) Self-employment but w/o the need to always have to solicit clients, a steady stream of reoccurring revenue. I do believe money (not the pursuit of money) leads to happiness and fulfillment.

  • Right now… happiness = a warm sunny beach… lying back, getting a tan – not thinking about work.


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