The Web Is Slowing Down

November 19th, 2007 | Author: Chip


Enjoy it while it lasts!

If you have a fast broadband Internet connection, enjoy it while it’s still fast. According to a study by Nemertes Research, video and interactive web sites will begin to overwhelm Internet service providers as early as 2010.

The biggest upgrades will need to be made in upstream data capacity. Until recently, the web was mainly read-only, and service providers built their networks around downloading. But with the explosion of video and photo sharing, self publishing (blogging, etc.), and bandwidth-intensive activities like video conferencing, networks will begin to feel the strain on the upstream end.

“Two years ago, nobody knew what YouTube was,” said Johnson. “Now, it’s generating 27 petabytes of data per month.”

Read more about this future behavior at Read/Write Web.

Georgia Tech Photo: Gary Meek

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