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This month, PayPal made some small changes and simplifications to its user agreement policy. Changes made will become effective as of November 1st, 2010. Some countries were excluded for certain personal transactions, currency conversion was simplified, the buyer is more protected and many minor changes were implemented in the terms of use and the privacy [...]

This is a step by step tutorial about optimizing a link directory site. I’m doing this for my one and only link directory which starts to grow old in a world of social media domination. First of all, a basic Google Analytics metrics shows a very high bounce rate. This is understandable as users arrive, [...]

Method 1. This is the simplest way to list files in a folder: <?php $dir = "."; $dh = opendir($dir); while (($file = readdir($dh)) !== false) { echo $file.’<br />’; } closedir($dh); ?> In order to add links to the files in the folder, we modify the code as below. Warning, this might pose some [...]

As my web directory is virtually flying and receiving an average of 30 links per day, I opened up a new niche link directory. Built on the same engine, phpLD 2, this one focuses on soft adult links. No porn or hardcore sex, instead this one brings forums, erotic galleries, fitness, forums, blogs, sex shops [...]

Last night I reached 1000 links with my first web link directory. It’s not much but it’s a great step for me. I’ve managed to gather only quality links, and regulalry, 15 web sites join the directory every day. I intend to upgrade it to more than a mere directory. It could be a business [...]

I remember reading somewhere a while ago that link directories are no longer profitable. They’re dangerous as they link to questionable neighbourhoods, and they easily fill up with spam. These were the arguments presented in the statement. They’re too thin to be taken into account. A link directory need as much attention and work as [...]

Another list of feed directories, useful if you update your blog regularly and you want the articles to be read by these feed engines (originaly posted on

Do you want to submit your blog to a blog directory? Try this list (originaly posted on DailyBlogTips): [...]