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How do you find your information? How do you write your articles? You visit your favourite blogs, forums and newsgroups, find an idea, maybe copy some text from here and there, and here is your fresh article. But how many times have you copied more than one paragraph? I’m sure that all of you did this once or twice. Have you thought about the implications? Google will find your article and match it with the source. Boom, you’re penalized for duplicate content, although you had good intentions.

Try to rewrite content you use as inspiration, or try to quote and specify the link to the source such as:

“Source: Butterfly Media Romania”,
“Courtesy of Butterfly Media Romania”,
“Original article by Butterfly Media Romania”,
“Read the original article at Butterfly Media Romania”,
“Read the whole article at Butterfly Media Romania”.

Try not to use ambiguous links such as “Read more here” or “Click here for more”. You copy something, mention the author. You wouldn’t like to find your article or parts of it on another blog without being mentioned. What if the author uses one of the ambiguous links? It’s bad for your reputation. Send them a link and tell them to mention your name in the link. It’s the proper way of playing this game. Be a player, a good player.

5 Responses to How To Deal With Duplicate Content

  • Thats not what Google see’s as duplicate content. Google doesn’t verify plagiarism.

    The duplicate content that gets you penalized is category and archive content. You want to make sure the bots don’t craw the archives of your site as it is duplicate content…meaning they will crawl the same articles 2 or 3 times which will hurt you.

  • Well, you are right. However, this duplicate content might hurt your rankings, as the source gets indexed and your article not (it gets sent to supplemental results). Am I right?

  • There are also legal issues to copying other peoples content – my site is mainly about linking to other people’s interesting sites / pages so this is something i’m very careful about – i always give source links (when i have them) and try to provide taster snippets that’re useful and make the person want to visit the site, without stealing the owner’s work

  • You are right. That’s exactly my point. Why duplicate an article thousands of times if it already exists, and it is easier to just give a teaser snippet and a link to the original content.

    This way you will earn some trust from your readers, as a credible reporter.

  • It’s funny how little things like this seem so obvious but if no one talks about it, how are we going to know?

    I’m glad you mentioned it on your blog!

    Pam Hoffman


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