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One of my clients needed his online shop customers to be able to go back several steps with one click and keep the current session variables in memory. The obvious solution was the browser’s back button. But I couldn’t instruct the customer to click it one time or 3 times or 5 times. So I [...]

The dollar is the official name for the United States currency, the closest approximation to a world currency, and is also the name for numerous other national currencies. The term dollar is apparently a variation of the term thaler, a common term for coins in Germany and Eastern Europe that may have been derived from [...]

An animated documentary explaining inventions ranging from time sharing to file sharing, from ARPANET to Internet. History of the Internet from PICOL on Vimeo.

A Brief History Of Google As A Bedtime Story I thought a while this morning what to write about, and I found an interesting story. it is called “A Brief History Of Google”. I liked the tone of it and I read it in its entirety. Here it is: “Google was incorporated as a privately [...]

I just ran into a nice picture of Yahoo and Google evolution over the years. MSN is the missing member, maybe I’ll find some of its web history. Here is a screenshot: