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Windows Mobile

After switching to Windows Mobile 6.1, I started exploring it with hungry eyes. The first annoying feature I noticed was the recent programs list. I had to wait for the icons to refresh each time, and I got confused by those icons, as I expected a certain order inside my start menu. After searching some [...]

Sometimes, you need to tweet and you don’t have online access or you are in the shower. The solution is Tiny Twitter, one of the best solutions I’ve found from a wide range or similar programs. And it’s free. Install the Tiny Twitter cabinet file, and access it from your Start menu. After setting up [...]

I guess you’ve got used to the Windows Mobile tutorial series by now, and you’re ready to read how to add more plugins to your Core Pocket Media Player. These plugins include AC3 audio decoder, FFMpeg, Ogg Vorbis, and more. If you are unable to see or hear a video, this could be the cause [...]

My previous article showcased the installation of The Core Pocket Media Player. Read it if you missed it. TCPMP, short for The Core Pocket Media Player, has a lot of back-end options. Video (and audio) can be played at many speeds, ranging from 10% to 200%. I just need a reason why one would do [...]

So, you want to watch movies on your Windows Mobile smartphone device. The best plyer available its TCPMP, The Core Pocket Media Player. Best of all it’s free, however it has been discontinued. First of all, you need Microsoft Active Sync up and running on your computer. Double-click on the TCPMP executable and follow these [...]

I recently upgraded my HTC smartphone from WM 5 to WM 6.1. After tweaking and updating, I have a fully functional Windows Mobile 6.1 installation. The sliding panels theme looks so… glassy. New features are exposed in the menus, and I don’t need to reset my smartphone several times a day. Expect for more reviews [...]