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I was a little curious and anxious to see the finish of what seemed to be the deal of the century – Microsoft acquiring Yahoo. Well, Yahoo said ‘no’ and the waves calmed down. The Wall Street Journal reported that “the proposal would see Yahoo hand over its search advertising operation to Google in a [...]

Infoworld announces that MSN is going to put advertisement on mobile phones. Microsoft trails its biggest competitors in the PC-based online advertising market in bringing ads to mobile users, but its late start may not have any significant effect. “AOL and Yahoo have previously introduced display ads, but the mobile user base is still on [...]

It seems that MSN Search is doing more and more changes. Two weeks ago, MSN announced that they introduced a new Live Search “relevant, faster and easier to use”. They offered us a press release and a fact sheet containing all changes made. A few days ago, MSN announced again new and improved product results [...]

Here are some recommendations that may help MSNBot and other web crawlers effectively index and rank your site. We’ve also provided a list of items and techniques that MSN Search discourages. Technical recommendations for your website * Use only well-formed HTML code in your pages. Ensure that all tags are closed, and that all links [...]

MSN is getting into the business of offering online searches of books and other writings, and says its approach aims to avoid the legal tussles met by rival Google Inc. The Redmond-based software giant said that it will avoid copyright issues for now by initially focusing mainly on books, academic materials and other publications that [...]

Let’s talk about MSN’s innovative RankNet technology. The latest major change in the search engine giant, MSN Search, has been the inoculation of “neural networks” into its search engine algorithm, something internal researchers call “RankNet”. This change took place in late June of this year. This algorithm is fresh, and it is becoming a great [...]

What makes the SERPs of MSN different from those of Google, Yahoo! and other major search engines, is the hunger for frequently updated web pages. This hunger is fortunately a positive aspect, and on its search engine help page, MSN actually indicates that pages which are frequently updated will receive higher rankings than sites that [...]

While everyone else is concentrating on Google and Yahoo optimization, I decided to write an elaborate article about MSN optimization. This article will be published in 4 parts for easier reading. MSN is the third search engine now and has emphasis on using on page optimization techniques, instead Google and Yahoo pay close attention to [...]