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This is a step by step tutorial about optimizing a link directory site. I’m doing this for my one and only link directory which starts to grow old in a world of social media domination. First of all, a basic Google Analytics metrics shows a very high bounce rate. This is understandable as users arrive, [...]

Will Twitter open the way for lots of microblogging startups? I read about lots of such startups these months and it seems to be very profitable. Well, at least until the niche saturates. What is microblogging? I say it’s the opposite of blogging. It’s a platform where everybody comments but with no articles. Pour in [...]

A recent post on Mashable stated that: “Do you remember two months ago when Facebook usernames went live? Millions of avid Facebook (facebook) users waited on a Friday night for the chance to claim their own custom URL. 200,000 were claimed in 3 minutes, 500,000 in 15 minutes, a million within an hour, and 3 [...]

At a closer look, Twitter seems a mere waste of time. While smoking 10 cigarettes a day, you waste both money and health. The time and money invested in smoking could be used for running and exercising. Money is saved, and health is restored. An ugly comparison with Twitter. These days bloggers are compelled to [...]

Finally, I signed up for a Twitter account. I’m just giving it a try. So, if you want to follow, go ahead. I’ll try to find some time to post there frequently. I also started reading an interesting resource from Smashing Magazine, Tips to Become Successful with Twitter. I just want to see what will [...]

A while back I wrote an article about social networking accounts exchange. Not even a comment. This makes me realize that my readers are not that loyal, and they are just a handful. However they have their place in my Top Commentators widget in the right sidebar, where I decided to remove the time constraint [...]

I think it’s time to meet my readers. And them to meet me. Let’s see who we really are, and let’s share our social media contacts. I’ll go first: Facebook Digg StumbleUpon Delicious YouTube Flickr That’s all so far, I know it’s little but I intend to get some more networks. Feel free to add [...]

I’m doing a little experiment these days. I decided to share my opinions with the world. That is commenting on other blogs. I decided to be a top commentator. Here is what I achieved so far, actually this morning: Well, the last one was easy, but that’s not the point. I offered my legitimate opinions, [...]

Alex Shalman had a nice initiative back in February. Now he started a group writing project to which I have participated. Noticthe badge in the sidebar. If I’m happy, why not show it? 1. How do you define happiness? 2. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your happiness now, versus when you [...]

How many of you still copy or rehash articles from other blogs and publish them? I’m talking here with ‘money-making’ bloggers. How many of you dig deep into advertisement networks and write reviews about them? How many of you interview other bloggers, and try to learn from their mistakes (or success)? I started to grow [...]