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WordPress Flashback Theme

WordPress Flashback theme is a powerful futuristic theme, graphics based,...

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Ambient Occlusion Theme

Ambient Occlusion is a clean and warm theme, with a...

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WordPress Theme: Shiny

Shiny 2.0 is a fresh WordPress theme hot off the...

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WordPress Theme: Cyanide

This theme has originally been created for an offshore client....

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Inception Theme

On the foundation of Whiskey Air Theme, I have built...

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Whiskey Air Theme

I now give you Whiskey Air, a simple, imageless theme,...

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WordPress Theme Pack: Butterfly 01

My latest articles showcased some of my recent WordPress themes,...

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WordPress Theme: Clear Apple

Clear Apple is a clean magazine theme, no thumbnails for...

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WordPress Theme: Blizzard

A new theme based on some old CSS template of...

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WordPress Theme – X5 Turbo

X5 is the successor of X4.1 and has some small...

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I just installed Windows 7 on my notebook, and I ran into some issues. I had some old Windows installation on another partition which I wanted to delete. Unfortunately, Windows said I need administrator rights to delete. But I am the administrator. Apparently I am not the owner. After searching the Internet for a while and finding several solutions that...

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