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Here is collection of great web designs involving smart typography, textures, grids, navigation and more. Las but not least, our new design is based on several other successful sites, Whiskey Air WordPress theme and our own usability studies. Midtsommerjazz 2010 Ubisoft’s Settlers 7 Maksimer Giraffe Restaurants Creative Ad Awards BubbleStick [...]

A few interesting videos I’ve found these days. They are pretty impressive. Don’t forget to check out more articles from Motionworks. The Mill breaks down the visual effects behind “Apples” for City Harvest Food Rescue Organization. Simplicity by More by KORB here A short film for NZ Book Council, produced by Colenso BBDO and [...]

I’m sure you all read your dashboard news, but I really liked the new features in 2.7 Beta 1, and the WordPress showcase. Mark Jaquith made a screencast about the publish module in 2.7 Beta 1, watch it here: WordPress launched the WordPress Showcase, a display of some of the best and brightest WordPress users, [...]

Web development needs inspiration. And what better place to seek but the web. There are hundreds of specialized sites, showcase sites, user interface study sites and more. So, here are 30 web sites to monitor frequently if you’re interested in web development, design, UI and programming.

Working on some CSS menus, and owing my readers some samples, here are 4 CSS menu types, easy to implement. Download all 4 samples here. 1. Horizontal block menu with advanced hover effect. 2. Menu bar resembling Microsoft Windows style. Great for integrating with web control panels or administration interfaces. 3. Rounded corners using only [...]

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