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In the previous article, I wrote about some interesting web statistics. Today, I’ll talk about top search terms and I’ll show you another statistics for last month, June 2009. Top 10 Overall Search Terms 1. myspace 0.62% 2. facebook 0.60% 3. craigslist 0.60% 4. ebay 0.31% 5. 0.29% 6. youtube 0.25% 7. facebook login [...]

The following report is based on data calculated by Hitwise and it’s interesting to see the trends users have, and what sites they use in order to fulfil their online needs. We’ll start with the websites: Top 20 Websites 1. Google 6.83% 2. Yahoo! Mail 4.80% 3. Facebook 3.73% 4. MySpace 3.13% 5. Yahoo! 3.09% [...]

I’m doing a little experiment these days. I decided to share my opinions with the world. That is commenting on other blogs. I decided to be a top commentator. Here is what I achieved so far, actually this morning: Well, the last one was easy, but that’s not the point. I offered my legitimate opinions, [...]

What’s your top 12 blogs? What are you interested in when you read another blog? Is it the information? Or the quality? Or the links? Or just the fact that you consider the author trustworthy? Let me post my top 12 blogs, my main source of inspiration and information on a daily basis: John Chow [...]

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