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2 PHP tutorials. The first one helped me A LOT, when it came to upgrading a large site, and the client wanted a multilanguage site engine. The second one is a simple flat counter

How to switch languages on a multilingual web site

1. First create a language directory, we will call it languages.

2. Create two language files, let’s say english.php and romanian.php and populate them with variables:


$txt['headtext'] = 'Welcome to our site';


$txt['headtext'] = 'Bine ati venit in pagina noastra';

3. Create an include directory, we will call it include.

4. Create a configuration file:


$languages = array(
'en' => 'english',
'ro' => 'romanian',

if (isset($_GET['lang']) AND array_key_exists($_GET['lang'], $languages)) {
include ‘./languages/’ . $languages[$_GET['lang']] . ‘.php’;
else {
include ‘./languages/english.php’;

5. Create a file called index.php and fill the next lines in:

// begin includes
include_once('/php_tutorials_2/include/config.html') // configuration file
// end includes

echo $txt['headtext']; // some text

<form action=”<?php echo $PHP_SELF;?>” method=”get”>
<select name=”lang” size=”1″ onchange=”this.form.submit()”>
<option value=”">Select your language</option>
<option value=”ro”>Romana</option>
<option value=”en”>English</option>

<a href=”otherfile.php?lang=<?=$lang?>”>otherfile.php</a>

6. That’s all! End of tutorial. It’s really that simple. Just remember to refer to all links site wide as file.php?lang=<?=$lang?>:

<a href="/php_tutorials_2/otherfile_lang__lt_lang_gt_.html">otherfile.php</a>

And the second one,

How to create a simple flat-file counter

1. First create a counter data file, we will call it counter.txt.

2. Create the counter PHP script, let’s say counter.php, as follows:


<div align="center">Visitors:
$file = '/php_tutorials_2/counter.txt';

$handle = fopen($file, ‘w’);
fwrite($handle, 0);

$count = file_get_contents($file);

$handle = fopen($file, ‘w+’);
fwrite($handle, $count);
echo ‘Unable to increment the counter!<br />’;

echo number_format($count).”;

3. That’s all! Remember to chmod your data file – counter.txt – to 777. You can now include this script in your page with the following line:

<?php include('/php_tutorials_2/counter.html'); ?>

5 Responses to PHP Tutorials (2)

  • does anyone know how to display the count for another page on a different page using php?

    I want a counter on one page that will display how many hits a completely different page has gotten. I am using a graphic PHP counter and want to continue using this counter, as it impliments graphics that I have created, but I can’t seem to get this counter to do just this.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    - Bill

  • I think there is something wrong in the multilingual script.
    The link fot otherfile.php doe not define the language.
    It opens a window with url
    and doe not fill the selected lang.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Vrettos,

      I read your comment and I tried the same with the same problem. Were you able to solve this problem of not showing the language code?
      It’s been some time but I hope you remember…

      Best regards…

  • I have been using this script successfully on some of my web sites. There must be something wrong with your server. Maybe global variables. Try instead of .

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