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Well, the title may fool some readers, however I’m sick of all the AdSense secrets. There are no such secrets. AdSense is a tool for webamsters to make money. If they make money, Google is happy, so why would there be any secrets that Google keeps away from us?

Because there are no secrets. There are only optimizations. And lots of work. I recently read some AdSense secrets e-books scattered on the Internet, which usual readers must pay for. A reasonable amount at first, but when I started reading the books, I realized that’s pure theft. The first half of the book states that this book is different and the secrets are real and the owner makes lots and lots of cash using them. Why would the author need to sell a book using an awful sales page with big red letters, insulting our intelligence?

Those sales page are absolutely ugly, they look like… but hey, I was talking about the e-book. The second half tells us about building link farms, joining some obscure networks, downloading software, optimizing keywords to the extreme, and so on and so forth.

Where’s the reader bond? Where’s the social part of blogging or having a web site? Apart from corporate sites, of course?

What about commenting and making valuable contributions? Not a word is mentioned in any of those books.

So, the conclusion? There are no secrets of AdSense, mark my words, NONE! It’s just building a blog or a web site, or 2 or 10 or 100, optimizing them, writing constantly, commenting, optimizing again, and more. It’s a lot of work, but it’s just like any other job. Work for money. Not try to game the system, as you will eventually get caught and expelled. Would you have the same enthusiasm and energy to start from scratch and bang your head at the wall as to why you had to try that technique you read in that book you paid 50 bucks or less?

Just out of curiosity, make a search on Google Images for “AdSense cash”. Fun, isn’t it?

5 Responses to Secrets of AdSense

  • Right said there isn’t much of a secret..things are just plain and simple on a platter for people to take advantage of.

  • All true statements. There are indeed hundreds, if not thousands, of ebooks and systems being sold to unveil the secrets of adSense. Too many people who do not care who they rip off, and some of them call themselves bloggers.

    great post. I will link to it:)

  • Oooppps. Sorry, I made a link to this post from my other blog.

  • indeed. i guess these sites try to play to people’s desire to have a shortcut. but i guess it really does take much work. not something some people want to hear.

  • Honest rules !! Most people that go into adsense think there’s a quick win without hard work. But you rightly said it : play by the rule and not the system and the fruits of your labour will surely be coming in.



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