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WordPress Flashback Theme

WordPress Flashback theme is a powerful futuristic theme, graphics based,...

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Ambient Occlusion Theme

Ambient Occlusion is a clean and warm theme, with a...

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WordPress Theme: Shiny

Shiny 2.0 is a fresh WordPress theme hot off the...

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WordPress Theme: Cyanide

This theme has originally been created for an offshore client....

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Inception Theme

On the foundation of Whiskey Air Theme, I have built...

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Whiskey Air Theme

I now give you Whiskey Air, a simple, imageless theme,...

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WordPress Theme Pack: Butterfly 01

My latest articles showcased some of my recent WordPress themes,...

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WordPress Theme: Clear Apple

Clear Apple is a clean magazine theme, no thumbnails for...

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WordPress Theme: Blizzard

A new theme based on some old CSS template of...

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WordPress Theme – X5 Turbo

X5 is the successor of X4.1 and has some small...

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The web is full of blog networks and they all go on the same pattern. Join the network, add a widget (not a small banner or a text link) to your blog and it’s done. But the widget is either JavaScript, either AJAX, or worse, Flash. Referral link behind the code, slow loading, slow page scrolling, are just a few...

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