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Smart Backup Plugin

Smart Backup is a complete WordPress solution for database backup and restore...


Ambient Occlusion Theme

Ambient Occlusion is a clean and warm theme, with a brown/cocoa colour...


WordPress Theme: Shiny

Shiny 2.0 is a fresh WordPress theme hot off the press! Some...


WordPress Theme: Cyanide

This theme has originally been created for an offshore client. The theme...


Inception Theme

On the foundation of Whiskey Air Theme, I have built a new...


Whiskey Air Theme

I now give you Whiskey Air, a simple, imageless theme, compatible with...


WordPress Theme: Clear Apple

Clear Apple is a clean magazine theme, no thumbnails for posts, wide...


WordPress Theme: Blizzard

A new theme based on some old CSS template of mine and...


WordPress Theme – X5 Turbo

X5 is the successor of X4.1 and has some small improvements over...


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Shiny 2.0 is a fresh WordPress theme hot off the press! Some of the features are one-column, dark, black, shiny (!), journal-style, Tumblr-like and sweet. The theme is fast, even if it uses graphics for the layout, it’s XHTML Strict valid and it’s compatible with the latest WordPress version (3.1). Download the theme here:

Like I promised in a previous post, here is the code required to show latest 5 posts followed by 15 more, like on my homepage. You need to edit the index.php template and add 2 sub-loops separated by wp_reset_query(). Simple as that. Here is the entire index.php code (you should be able to pull the entire loop from there): <?php...

Today’s link is Danger Graphics []. Built on Movable Type blog platform, the web site shows us how to use contrast and dark colours to our advantage. Or theirs. Graphic design, illustration, interactive and motion concept really makes this site great.