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Whiskey Air Dark New Index Template

Like I promised in a previous post, here is the code required to show latest 5 posts followed by 15 more, like on my homepage. You need to edit the index.php template and add 2 sub-loops separated by wp_reset_query(). Simple as that. Here is the entire index.php code (you should be able to pull the [...]

In 2003, Google introduced a “supplemental index” as a way of showing more documents to users. Most webmasters will probably snicker about that statement, since supplemental docs were famous for refreshing less often and showing up in search results less often. Now Google is coming to the next major milestone in the elimination of the [...]

While checking my Google Webmasters account today I noticed some new options and statistics. The first one is the sitemap inclusion statistics. While seeing the Sitemaps overview, I noticed the actual number of links in Google’s index. This is a nice addition. Another addition to the Tools is the Content Analysis page. The Content Analysis [...]

Ever wonder how Google sees your site? Ever wish you could click a button and correct all of your site’s search engine woes? As it turns out, you can, at least to a certain extent. Webmaster Tools is a free product from Google that allows you to interact with the world’s most (in)famous search engine [...]