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    Clean developer theme, suited for heavy modifications.

    3 columns Turbo theme, now reloaded!

    Almost magazine theme, without the hassle of administration.

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Whiskey Air Dark New Index Template

Like I promised in a previous post, here is the code required to show latest 5 posts followed by 15 more, like on my homepage. You need to edit the index.php template and add 2 sub-loops separated by wp_reset_query(). Simple as that. Here is the entire index.php code (you should be able to pull the [...]

Whiskey Air Theme

I now give you Whiskey Air, a simple, imageless theme, compatible with the latest WordPress version (3.1 as of writing this article). Simple dotted grey lines, justified paragraphs, easy-for-the-eye headings and titles, and more. Download: What’s new in version 0.9.2? Updated footer with 3.x compatibility Updated footer with current version Updated several PHP functions Added [...]

I’ve been working frantically to the new blog theme, and now I give you version 0.9. I now have a wider sidebar, which easily fits a 300×250 banner. Moved the categories to the footer and removed them from the sidebar. A new feature, still being developed, is the updates section. The theme is on the [...]

The current theme has been changed due to some inconsistencies and source deprecation issues in the last one. This one is based on Whiskey Air 0.8.2, enhanced for WordPress 2.7. Whiskey Air is a theme framework, very easy to work with, and after some minor tweaks, modifications and enhancements, will be released as 0.9. Random [...]

This is a different tag cloud. It is created by Wordle and, in my opinion, the words in red define my blog best. I live by the sea, I like whiskey, and I speak (whenever I got the time*) about sharing, branding, media, recipes, blogs, great, air, always, morning, words, great, stop me. * This [...]

Butterfly Media Romania released a new version of Whiskey Air, along with the release of Whiskey Earth (a second theme in the Whiskey series) and Light Constellations. Head over to Butterfly Media Romania web site for larger screenshots, or download the themes right here: Download Whiskey Air 0.8.1 Download Whiskey Earth 0.8.1 Download Light Constellations [...]