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How To Build An Online Visitor Counter

If, for any given reason, you are not able to implement a MySQL counter, here is the easiest solution for creating a flat file online users counter. Create a file called online.php, make it writable (either CHMOD 755 or CHMOD 777, depending on your server requirements), and insert the following code where you want the [...]

Online shopping is an ever-increasing business online. Since I opened my local link directory web site, I already have over 100 online shopping web carts. Starting from t-shirts and ending with condoms, the market keeps growing. Following is a list of hosted, self-hosted, commercial and WordPress plugins shopping carts. Hosted Carts AAcart.com – Offers three [...]

5Gb of online content. Is this true? Sounds too good, but it is true. File Dropper is “The Simplest File Hosting Website Ever“, as they say. Upload movies, software, music (all legal, though), all in the limit of 5Gb. I want to see how long this service will last. Or how long this service will [...]

I guess I owed some of you my opinions on online payment using Western Union. Yes, I did it, both to and fro. I received my AdSense payment using Western Union. It worked like a charm, received my money in the same day, no fees were taken (unlike a check), and your payment is available [...]

These days a lot of freelance work is happening online, often internationally and often without you and your client ever meeting. Thanks to the web we now have access to a much larger client pool which is great news, however it does present a whole raft of new problems in terms of payment options and [...]

We all try to be more and more (and more) productive with our blogging efforts. TODO lists, task management, books, time tracking, organizers and more in this comprehensive list of the best resources and tools available for taking action, getting things done, and generally being productive.

It’s 2008. I started this year looking for some major changes. SEO, marketing, promotion, graphics, branding, identity, everything. So I started looking on the web for inspiration. Here is what I found: Online WordPress Theme Generator Online Wallpaper Creator CSS Inspiration More CSS Inspiration The Logos of Web 2.0 Photoshop Tutorials I hope these links [...]

Owning a website for your business is pretty much a requirement in this day and age. What good is a website that only shows customers what your company sells? Why not actually sell to them while they are there? Use any of these 20 open source shopping carts to maximize your sales potential. Some of [...]