Clean, contrasting WordPress theme built on the foundation of Whiskey Air.

    Clean developer theme, suited for heavy modifications.

    3 columns Turbo theme, now reloaded!

    Almost magazine theme, without the hassle of administration.

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WordPress Themes Checklist

When creating a new WordPress theme, a series of tests should be passed. Aside from the programming related ones, such as no PHP warnings, no deprecated functions, no obsolete code, no code hackery to accomplish simple tasks, there are also the common sense tests. These are the theme name, the theme design, hardcoded footer links, [...]

I have updated 3 of my current themes to work with WordPress 2.7 at full potential. This includes threaded comments, pagination and sticky features. The updated themes are: Whiskey Air [Download id not defined] Whiskey Earth [Download id not defined] Light Constellations [Download id not defined] Visit my themes repository for older versions.

WordPress And Themes

As the winter is getting closer, and I finish all clients projects (except from SEO), I decided to write some premium WordPress themes. I haven’t decided if I’d sell them or release them as open source, but it’s a fact that I’ll give the community three fresh themes. Another winter idea is porting some CMS [...]

This week’s link collection started from a new round of updates on my software, blogs and websites. The first one is DinPattern, a site hosting some interesting background patterns from flowers to twirls to lines. Another patterns website is HipandTwendy.com, this time only with lines, diagonal, horizontal and vertical. Smashing Magazine released a new theme, [...]

I started creating simple themes, as I’m not very experienced with advanced settings. I’ve received positive feedback, so here is another Butterfly Media Romania creation. Naussica is a 3 column WordPress theme optimized for quick loading and easy implementation. I give you two versions, Naussica and Naussica Variation, the only differences being the background and [...]

I have been working these days with a friend on some variations of a theme. The WordPress theming business could be very profitable these days, and also in the future, however, good, quality themes are hard to find. That’s why I intend to create a themes portal, (aren’t there so many out there?) to include [...]

Butterfly Media Romania released a new version of Whiskey Air, along with the release of Whiskey Earth (a second theme in the Whiskey series) and Light Constellations. Head over to Butterfly Media Romania web site for larger screenshots, or download the themes right here: Download Whiskey Air 0.8.1 Download Whiskey Earth 0.8.1 Download Light Constellations [...]

Smashing Magazine reissued another article revealing 45 more excellent blog designs. That is, indeed, a great source of inspiration.

High-quality WordPress themes always come in handy. Whether you are looking for some design inspiration or professional coding solutions — in both cases you can learn a lot, you can apply them and you can build customized designs upon them without reinventing the wheel all the time. In this article we present 100 free high-quality [...]

It’s 2008. I started this year looking for some major changes. SEO, marketing, promotion, graphics, branding, identity, everything. So I started looking on the web for inspiration. Here is what I found: Online WordPress Theme Generator Online Wallpaper Creator CSS Inspiration More CSS Inspiration The Logos of Web 2.0 Photoshop Tutorials I hope these links [...]