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Blog Tycoon has several news and upcoming projects for February regarding its content, its products and future plans. Lots of interesting projects and updates are live this month for all the big players out there. Latest news and rumours tell that XHTML 2 is dead, and HTML 5 is the new HTML 4. And it’s [...]

Smashing News!

Why smashing? Because Smashing News is my latest web project. It is an RSS news aggregator finding posts and articles from the most used categories ranging from lifestyle to politics. You can also receive Smashing News updates via Twitter. The project is doubled by a local sister site that does the same thing only in [...]

What’s New!

As many of you might have noticed, the Butterfly Media Romania blog has a new home. It is now Blog Tycoon. It was time to move it as the subdomain and the international domain extension .ro were not enough for me. Blog Tycoon will continue to write on web trends, behaviours, technologies, programming and whatever [...]

I’ve successfully reached 500 posts on this blog. It’s been hard, but I think the blog is now more mature and a better source of information for anyone visiting it. Today’s links are from the design and programming niche and have many interesting resources. DesignMag – Community for Designers Build Internet! – A blog on [...]

Industry news is news about blogging, web and Internet in general. As my time is limited I will provide two interesting links for you, until I get more free to write myself. So, StumbleUpon now works without a browser plugin, and I wait some feedback on this subject from you. The second one is how [...]

Hello again, I have been pretty busy this week and without internet access. But now I’m back and I’m glad to see some rise in the “Dance of the Beasts“. I did some commenting sessions, and I ran out of ideas. Never mind, I will introduce you my new web site, it’s the English version [...]

Newspond looks like Digg, but it’s not Digg. It’s an AJAX’ed “self-sufficient news engine”. Newspond uses an AI brain to discover and sort news as it surfaces all across the internet. And unlike other news aggregators, it doesn’t just relate news stories. It reasons, using every possible piece of data about what people are doing [...]

Well folks, it’s January 18th, and I reached 50 subscribers. That’s a milestone. I also reached 10.000 spam messages, all captured by Akismet. That’s another milestone. Another one would be my AdSense earnings, which reached 100USD last year in December, and until now I have 15 more. I am widening my sites’ network and I’m [...]

What’s new with Butterfly Media Romania Blog and what changes will be made for 2008? As a result of the low activity of my affiliate banners, I have decided to keep them until January 2008, just to see if there is some increase in activity during the Holidays. After that, they will be removed to [...]

In the past few months, there have been some events that have occurred which causes the blogs to talk about – and I mean every single blog. To name a few examples, the PageRank update, Widgetbucks, Blogrush. As a reader, it gets boring reading the same thing over and over again. But, as a blogger, [...]