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Blog Tycoon has several news and upcoming projects for February regarding its content, its products and future plans. Lots of interesting projects and updates are live this month for all the big players out there. Latest news and rumours tell that XHTML 2 is dead, and HTML 5 is the new HTML 4. And it’s [...]

Smashing News!

Why smashing? Because Smashing News is my latest web project. It is an RSS news aggregator finding posts and articles from the most used categories ranging from lifestyle to politics. You can also receive Smashing News updates via Twitter. The project is doubled by a local sister site that does the same thing only in [...]

I was watching yesterday evening the first day of Obama’s presidency. There are some big changes ahead, I can feel it. And they’d better be good changes. I decided to take Google’s example and shut down some of my small ongoing projects. And I’m talking about some web sites that I did not have the [...]

My latest project is a culinary recipes web site that I’ve turned into a food community. That’s the project I was setting up SimplePress for. A simple WordPress blog needed a root domain and new sections. It generated a lot of traffic so I decided to take it even further. That’s why I added several [...]

New Sites, iPhone And Fresh Projects

What’s new you ask with your favourite blog tycoon? After the recent relaunch of Butterfly Media Romania and, I decided to add an iPhone testing application, a domain buying web site using my first link directory engine for promotion, and various other startups. These include an art expo auction site and am art encyclopedia. [...]

I have quit my television day job and started working for my web design and programming company. I might say the crisis did this, or the overwhelming stress, or even my desire not to go blind before 40. Whatever the reasons may be, it’s for the better. I will have more time for my current [...]

I’m working on 2 custom CMSs, and doing some research and development for a 3rd one. The first two are online shops with more custom pages for details, information, products and other static data. I’m using an older online shop script I’ve written 4 years ago, and I’m discovering some major bugs and other things [...]

Recession came more powerful than I initially predicted. Online earnings went down to as much as 60%. As a result of this, I started to research new strategies, I joined more networks, improved some of my web sites, and tried to grow others. If I would have done this last year or two years ago, [...]

I have recently created an account with PayPal and added the Buy Me A Beer plugin. You can see a pint at the end of each article. Are you wondering why? I need the money to work on my open-source projects (Butterfly Organizer, adButterfly and butterfly.mailr), my commercial projects (em(phasis)), and to expand a little [...]